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I want to know how many of you out there are closet Pesach lovers. I am proud to admit I am.

There are more of us than you think, I’m just saying.

This past weekend a friend told me she’ll be going to her son’s home for Pesach, and she is going to sorely miss preparing for the holiday. Another neighbor told me that she loves unpacking her Pesach kitchen items. Turns out we both keep an eye out for unusual and cute kitchen items so that pulling them out each year is special and fun (I grew up with Jiminy Cricket and Care Bear cups that were special for Passover). Several other friends and family members have shared that even with all the work, Pesach is their favorite holiday.

I know there are people out there who are rolling their eyes, sighing, krechtzing, kvetching, whatever – but let me just say that we’re rooting for you, and we’re hoping to convert you to our way of thinking.

We’re gonna spread the cheer….

It’s like this. You’re going to spend at least 1/12th of each year (and therefore 1/12th of your life) on Pesach prep. That’s huge. Why would anyone choose a month of stress, rather than creating a time of positive memories, along with joyous, creative expression?

Now you’re for sure rolling your eyes. But to prove my money’s where my mouth is, I’ll admit that I have already spent two weeks shopping, prepping, cooking and several more weeks helping others plan their cleaning, menus and related tasks. And I’m raring to go tomorrow in my little basement kitchen, with no fresh air and a tiny amount of counter space and a hundred-year-old fridge and oven (okay, that’s their ages combined, and then some). But still – I love it, I love it, I love it.

Call me crazy, but call me blessed. I love Pesach.

I embrace every aspect of it, even when it’s exhausting and I feel like an ant trying to climb Mt. Everest. I know I will get there with the help of God.

But here’s the key to keeping me sane and happy: I NEED TO BE ORGANIZED. And I don’t mean perfectionism, rigidity and boot camp organized. I simply have enough lists that if you gave me a nickel for each one (counting revisions) it would cover the cost of Pesach. Throw in a few spreadsheets, a Google calendar, and an hour spent on the computer once or twice a week going over everything to check in and modify and update.

If this sounds like a plug for my little Pesach survival booklet, it is. If you’ve read this much of my post, you now have to go out and buy the book. A measly twenty bucks, with all proceeds going to Girls’ Jewish Education. This little booklet will not overwhelm you, won’t dare you to try new gourmet recipes that you really don’t have time to make, and won’t bore you to tears with ideology or philosophy. It will simply help you get organized, be more efficient in your holiday prep, and give you the flexibility and allowances you truly need.

I want to know if I’ve converted any of you kvetchers yet. Let me know.